Designing A Website: Steps To A Successful Website

It is necessary for every small business, entrepreneur or corporate entity providing products or services to have a website on the internet.  Having a websites enables potential customers to search and find your services or products on the internet. Those businesses that have succeeded in building a successful business didn’t start in a day, so also building a website isn’t a day’s work.   Why do you need a business website? Having a business website serves as a business card that gives potential customers information about your brand, background, credibility and so on. Before you consider building a business website you should take into consideration these steps:


Knowing the purpose of your website is the first step to building a successful business website. Your website might be to provide information to potential customer about your services and background or it might be a blog to engage and attract potential customers to products you are selling.

Your blue print for your website is an important step in building a successful business website. Starting with a static website is good at first, but in the long run you might decide to add a blog to attract customers to your company’s website.


There are various web content management softwares to choose from, depending on what you have in mind. You can choose a free web content management with low cost or you can use a high cost WCM. A few are listed here:

  • WordPress:

WordPress is easy to use and consist of so many templates that you can tweak to give your website a standard look. It also has add-ons that provide you with additional functions. You can also use plug-in for WordPress that includes core functionality. That includes pictures, slide shows, social media, videos, e-commerce, galleries, and much more. You can search for these plugins with Google search or you can check the plug-in directory of WordPress.

You may want to consider hiring a WordPress expert to do the initial set-up for you at a minimum cost.

  • E-Commerce:

If you basically want to sell products on your websites. You should look to using selected web content management software designed for e-commerce such as Magento, Shopify, osCommerce, OpenCart and Woo-commerce.


Without hosting your website on the internet it cannot be seen by potential customers or your target audience. So after choosing a Web content management software the next thing you need to consider is choosing a web host. Choosing a web host will depend on the software you choose. If you want a fast loading website you can choose a dedicated hosting plan. For a start you can go with a less expensive hosting plan. Most of the popular hosting companies can be found via Google


The first feature you should start thinking about after choosing a web host is your template. The choice of template depends on the content and what your business is about. You can choose from thousands of templates on any web content management software you choose.

For instances, if you are a stock photographer looking towards to having a website to sell photographs, you would look for a template that is geared towards selling photographs. This will be a template that has features that will enable you to showcase your stock photographs.

Apart from templates plugins are also very important because it provides functionality to your website that makes it easy to use. Whether you want to add social media buttons, a newsletter, signup forms, surveys, just about anything can be found in the plug-in directory of WordPress or any other software you choose.


This will include visuals of your websites (i.e. what people see) At this stage you will need to think about the logo placement, menu bars, and other selections you want to make available to the public, and the content of each page of your websites. Templates of any web content management software are structured in such a way that you have access to format and reformat any of its content to suit your plan. You can change the appearances; highlight certain information and so on.


Finally, web content! Web content is the hardest when it comes to building a successful business website. Content of your website has to be rich and compelling that it attracts visitors to your website.

Apart from having text, you also need images as part of your content. Creating pages with rich content which includes text and pictures makes each page of your website look professional. If you are not a graphic designer, you can find free images on the internet.

Before you close this page, another key to having rich content that brings traffic to your website is having killer SEO.  With SEO media content you can gain traction in any search engine.

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