How Wearable Technology Can Enhance Employee Performance

Workplaces have adopted various forms of technology in a bid to make work easier, and faster. With so many concepts in the pipeline and currently being developed, the newest innovation, the wearable tech, has brought about certain trends which may be the future of workplace.

What is wearable tech anyway? The term refers to any bodily device, worn either as an accessory or an implant that allows employees functions more efficiently. Its sole purpose is maximum output even though it could also be used for a few other purposes.

The reaction so far

Recent reports have shown that employees are a bit skeptical on wearing devices that give their employers personal information. This is expected, especially for devices that are able to read vitals. Although there are other devices which is more surface level such as those that allow better collaboration between employees working on the same project.

Introducing new technology to employees usually has a lag phase and often times takes a while to figure out before it becomes a fully grounded company culture. In some cases it may slow the business down, these are a few things to consider when introducing new tech but the advantages of wearable tech is the ease of operation. Here are some great sides to using wearable tech at the workplace;

  • Monitoring fatigue

Fatigue is common in workplaces, whether it’s a white-collar job or a blue-collar job. Most people function differently and have different working capacities. Introducing a wearable tech that senses fatigue in employees would help the management to better create working periods that suite employee to maximize input and output. One of such wearable tech is the “smartcap.” This tech is used by Blue-collar workers. It helps to reduce possible accidents that occur at workplaces by monitoring the brainwaves and mental alertness of the employee. It is quite useful for evaluating the level of fatigue in employees.

  • Security access

This is usually a major concern in various companies, who has access to what data or what facility. Securing company information works better by creating a system of devices that recognizes a specific bearer. Rather than a slide card which can get missing or stolen at anytime, big corporations can adopt smart watches or bands which carries an authenticator and also utilizes the biometric data of the employee. This ensures that only the employee can have access to a particular section. This wearable tech is still under development but would certainly make big waves in the market.

  • Track employees health

A healthy employee is efficient. Most people do not have the luxury of monitoring their own health conditions to know what may be right or wrong. A fitness tracking device can help employees monitor their health and fitness level. This would not only reassure them of their state of health but would also encourage them to be more health conscious. On their own they would be able to set health goals in order to function better. Wearable techs such as Fitbit and Boltt all aid in monitoring health conditions such as heart rate.

  • Collaboration

Imagine a situation where your company has a project going on and there are a large number of employees involved in this project from all departments. Keeping tabs of progress made on all sides would mean a lot of phone calls or a lot of emails. This is slow and time consuming especially when urgent decisions need to be made. A wearable tech that would enable an employer to have a quick chat with employees by just a push of a button would greatly help communication and effective collaboration on projects.

  • Manage work stress

Employees would definitely approve of this device. It is a simple device that can help employees manage stress by sending electrical pulses to the areas like the neck and the head to soothe the build-up. This electrical pulse is therapeutic and allows your body to relax. Thync and WellBe are one of such devices. It also comes with an app that would enable you create programs and stress relieving exercises.

Wearable tech is the future. Every employer would want the best output from their businesses and this is easily achieved by paying more attention to the health and capacity of employees.

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