The Big Market For Artificial Intelligence And Drones

Robot technology used to be fiction, mostly the thing we see in the movies and we marvel at the possibilities of a completely self automated machine that can act on its own judgment and logic. This is the power vested on Artificial intelligence (AI) and Drones.

AI and drones are both bots of tech origin and come in various forms to fulfill all purpose. In the past, most of these Ai machines and Drones were held secret and owned exclusively by the government, now the future holds so much more for this multipurpose technology.

We are in the era of technology bloom and these AI machines and drones play key role in different facets of our lives such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, production, accounting, driving, surveillance, aviation, media, and military.

Here are big markets for AI and drones that is sure to rake in billions of dollars;

  • Automated captures

Various industries use large, high powered machines. Some facilities come with very intricate technology and structure which may be difficult to maintain due to height, depth, narrowness or level of danger such as places with high electrical surges or places with turbines which are always on. The use of drones will greatly decrease occupational hazards and enable effective monitoring and management. These drones can be used for survey and automate captures which can be viewed by management. Away with manual methods of operations and in with no-risk tech bots.

  • ┬áData sourcing

There are certain jobs that generate excess data which maybe a bit much for human capacity and would require hiring a lot of people to accomplish. This is one of the advantages of AI; they can sieve through a large pile of data and get you exactly what you need. A data sourcing job that would take a human several hours to find would take an AI seconds.

  • Operating machines

There is a need to consider the advantages of AI and drones in the operation of big and small machines in all industries, it reduces man power and it is highly efficient. A great example is in manufacturing. Various segments of fully automated AI can produce well over human capacity and this would, in the long run lead to increased production while saving a fortune on payroll and compensations. The global market has need for this technology as industries are sprouting up at various parts of the world. Production and consumption is at an all time high. Companies are seeking new and efficient ways to get work done.

  • Road Construction

Incorporating Ai and Drones in road construction would make a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of roads. Road construction usually takes up a large amount of time and resources. Mapping and survey, clearance, and lots of other activities can be executed by bots. Humans are beginning to understand that there are certain tasks that are high risk and extremely difficult and so should be executed by bots. Road construction and maintenance are decent examples.

  • Automotive

Every year hundreds and thousands of brand new vehicles are pushed into the market. There is a scamper for the newest versions and models of vehicles. The age of AI comes with new features for automobiles such as safety features and automated piloting. We are set to witness a major evolution in automobile designs. Futuristic concepts further depict the full capacity of AI in the automotive industry.

  • Accounting

The financial sector will witness an error free automated balancing of records and self auditing in years to come. This would save companies lots of money and create a more efficient system. Cloud accounting is becoming popular; this would soon be followed by better data entry methods and book keeping platforms. The only question is where would that leave accounting staffs and professional chattered accountants? We would definitely welcome efficient methods of accounting through the use of AI, we must also brace up for the consequences as this may lead to loss of jobs.

  • Agriculture

Activities such as planting, harvesting, food processing, and pest control, tilling and a lot of other agricultural practices can be fully automated and executed to double the efforts of human workers. This would lead to larger food production and economy bloom.

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