Great Tips On How To Grow Your Ecommerce Business On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users worldwide and it currently has its eye fixed on developing an ecommerce enabled platform to further bridge the gap between business and lifestyle.  People would usually upload tons of informal details on social platforms just for fun and attention; the presence of traffic however provides an easy platform to introduce businesses and various forms of revenue generating engagements. Instagram is presently one of the best places to market your Ecommerce site. Let’s paint a little marketing picture;

Imagine marketing your products on a social media platform with a population of 500 million active users every month with a statistic of 31{5243b3ca8646489efc6497e68f7d7944d67853996848a5b4af99617ddca59c6b} females and 24{5243b3ca8646489efc6497e68f7d7944d67853996848a5b4af99617ddca59c6b}males from the United States which is one of the highest patrons of online consumer goods, also considering a market demographic of potential clients aged 18-34 years old. This gives you a very viable market where any brand would like to establish visibility.

The success of an Ecommerce store solely relies on generating traffic. Outreach strategies on various social media forums and an official website are tools needed for success. Instagram is revving up to deepen its ties with Ecommerce; this is evident in the permission granted to advertisers to add a “purchase now” button to their Instagram ads.

There is a buzz about instagram gearing up to integrate with Ecommerce in the future and this means extra value and sales growth for business. So this brings us to the question of “how do I grow my Ecommerce business on Instagram?” here is a list of to-dos;

  • Create an attractive profile page

This may seem cliché but most people are unaware that their profile page determines if there is going to be more clicks or fewer clicks. This includes a sound landing page, high quality profile picture, and a well written professional biography.

  • Increase your Instagram followership

This is the most difficult part of the job, getting followers. The future of your Ecommerce business depends on your ability to attract followers; it is your ticket to massive sales. You can generate followership through these strategies;

  • Cross promoting and sharing your audiences posts
  • Send out short bulk mails
  • Follow and comment on competitors page
  • Focus on creating engaging content

The mistake most ecommerce businesses make is to start trying to sell on Instagram. This is a bad idea. Most people go on instagram to have fun and not necessarily to go shopping. A great way to reconcile both interests is to create value for visitors and this can be inform of pictures, videos, infographs and the likes, without asking them to buy anything. Storify these images with engaging literature, use tools such as webinars, podcasts, videos, classes, eBooks, and guides. Automate your updating process by using tools that would update your posts strategically when people are likely to see them. Use very engaging images that would drive curiosity. Remember, the stories are very important, this has been proven so many times, especially when these stories have an emotional connection. Seek to be positive and showcase usability of products that can change lifestyle or can stir up a need in your audience.

No matter the angle your content takes, make it fun for the audience, it has to entertain before it can sell.

  • Convert your followers to customers with a sophisticated landing page

Once you have done a great job with your content marketing you will notice traffic seeping into your Ecommerce site, this is where you do the conversion. Your site has to look the talk! The best way to do this is to make sure your site has a professionally written landing page, and is mobile friendly. You do realize that most people would be using their phones for most time of the day and if your site isn’t mobile friendly it would greatly affect traffic.

There are inexhaustible ways to market your ecommerce store on instagram using highly engaging photo galleries. Here are a few tools that would be helpful to you;

  • Tap shop
  • Shopseen
  • Like2HaveIt
  • InstaOrders
  • Inselly
  • Soldsie
  • Like2Buy
  • Showcase
  • Websta

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