How To Make Sure Your Mac Is Well Protected, Safe And Efficient

In my opinion, of course this is open to argument, the Mac computer is the best computer ever made. From the external features you already have an idea what I mean. It is sleek, very fast and has a strong security system. Most Macs run for a couple of years before age begins to tell on it like every other Machine. Its highly recommendable, however, it is not immune to problems. We have analyzed the possible problems a Mac computer can possibly have and we have narrowed it to two main issues; security and efficiency. Here are tips to ensure that your Mac is safe and running as efficiently as a brand new product;


  • Regular data backup

Every Machine is prone to technical problems; this does not exempt the Mac. There are risks of losing all your personal data if they are no backed up regularly. This can be done in a space of one or two weeks. There are solutions to backing up your files;

  • Create backup duplicates for easy restoration
  • Transfer of copy your data into an external hard drive
  • Back up your files using cloud storage
  • Don’t leave programs running in the background

System malfunctions are often caused by overload. This is when the system is pushed to conduct so many functions all at once. If you are the type that likes to keep all devices and utilities running at the same time such as Bluetooth, cloud services, applications, and printers, it’s probably not the best idea. These functions take a particular amount of RAM space to run and they slow down your system.

  • Don’t suffocate your hard drive

Hoarding unnecessary files and data are part of human behavior. This largely affects your system. For your Mac to run efficiently it needs to have at least 10{5243b3ca8646489efc6497e68f7d7944d67853996848a5b4af99617ddca59c6b} free disk space. This is why it is necessary to clean out old data such as documents, images, videos, and the lot. Again this is where your external hard drive and cloud storage comes into play.

  • Clean out your clustered desktop

Having all your apps and software on your desktop is extremely handy, you can easily click on whichever one you need without stress, but do you know this contributes to slowing down your Mac? It takes up Ram space which should have been used for other functions hereby slowing down your programs. A simpler way would be to leave all apps in the application folder where you can always refer to it when you need it.

  • Frequent update of software

Usually when a new version for software is released you would get a notification asking you to upgrade to a newer version. In order to keep your system free from security problems and bugs, it would be better to use up that extra MB and update your software. Another tip is that sometimes when apps are released they are usually a better version but may not have been tested enough to guaranty efficiency on all Mac types so waiting a bit after the release may not be a bad idea. That way, whatever issue that may come up would have been resolved.

Security against hacks and malware

  • Use a password

This is a no brainer; if you have private files which could be work or personal details then you should have a password account that would allow you monitor who uses your computer and what they are looking at. Always disable the automatic login option.

  • Put a lock on keychain

Safari auto fill can be very useful especially when you can’t seem to remember your password or when you don’t want to have to repeat yourself all the time but it does have its downside. When someone else uses your Mac system, they can easily access your online accounts and this can be disastrous when you have highly exclusive valuable information saved up.

  • Protect your system with an antivirus software

It’s always advisable to have trusted anti-virus software installed. This would protect your system from crafty data and malware.

  • Download data from trusted sources

The internet is full of information and websites that can carry all forms of encrypted viruses. Be extremely cautious of where you choose to download information from and this also goes for emails from an unknown source.

There is so much cyber crime going on these present times and super hackers are always coming up with the ultimate tool to hack into accounts and siphon data and valuable financial details. You can also keep your Mac computer safe from hacking and malware by doing a broad research and adopting new tech and ideas that would help you evade external invasion    

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