Implications Of Assembling Your Personal Gaming Pc

The days of the arcade games are dead! No one goes to public places to play video games anymore… well except for Vegas, but that’s a whole different ball game. The point is this; gaming has evolved and people prefer playing video and gaming PC in the comfort of their homes with friends and families. The great thing about home video games is that it makes you the king of the neighborhood, your home becomes the meeting spot which is great if you are an extrovert and love having people around even at odd hours of the day.

Gaming can be done anywhere nowadays, on any device. A lot of people get their games on the go, mostly on mobile devices as this helps to reduce boredom during work breaks. There are great games that are compatible with android and apple devices and even though they offer good quality games nothing beats the experience of having your own gaming PC set up at home or any place of choice with an ergonomic chair that allows you sit for hours without fatigue.

Now here’s the scenario, you are in need of a new gaming PC set and you are torn between two options; to buy a complete PC gaming set or to assemble your gaming set yourself. For those who are new to the concept of assemblage, let me explain; you can decide to buy each part of your pc game parts separately from the same or different dealers but not packaged together as a full set. This is called assembling; it has its advantages and disadvantages;

Advantages of assembling your gaming PC

  • Customization and upgrade

Various parts of a gaming PC has various quality levels, depending on your budget you may decide to give extra priority to the most important part by putting in a bit more cash to procure the best quality and version, while you may decide to economize on smaller parts that are not so necessary. You could also upgrade by adding extra compatible devices to give your system a boost such as extra audio equipments. This will give you a better gaming experience than going for a moderate set.

  • Cost of purchase

The secret to purchasing each part of your gaming PC separately is that you can get some great prices for them and save a reasonable amount on pieces of hardware. Some hardware you can buy brand new and some you can go for fairly used, depending on the level of importance of course.  However this can be tricky, you have to do your research to find out the required quality for each piece of hardware in order to know how to price them.

  • Warranty on purchase

When you purchase a set you get one year warranty on a full set of equipment, this can be tweaked to your favor when you purchase various parts for assemblage, and with each part having warranties independently ranging from 1-3 year warranty and this is obviously a better bargain isn’t it?


  • It takes time

As awesome as the idea of assembling your own customized hardware may seem, imagine having to go from one retailer shop to the other, checking out specifications, bargaining for a good price and calling a friend of yours to confirm if you are making the right choice. It’s a block of time to put into purchasing. If you are doing it for the first time you may need some technical support as this is new lands for you, an expert would ensure you don’t waste money buying the wrong thing.

  • Lack of research can be disastrous

The thing about hardware is that there are compatibility levels and various versions which may not always match. If you are to assemble your own games PC you need to be familiar with the technical nitty gritty and how they match. A wrong fix can be tragic.

These are most of what you need to know when assembling a personal gaming PC for yourself. If you are an experienced fixer then it’s a walk in the park for you and you can shave off a pretty penny in the process.

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