Smart Tricks To Create More Space On Your Android Phone

“Memory full, clear up space on your device”

This is the one thing no one wants to see while trying to download an awesome video or whatever tickles your fancy from the internet to your android phone. The funny part is, no matter the amount of space your device comes with, it is sure to fill up in no time; this is the power of the internet. Usually the next step when you have a full phone memory would be, going through your phone and trying to prioritize documents and information to see which can be forfeited for some new info. There are a few tips that can help you get more space on your device;

  • Clear app Cache

All resident apps tend to generate cache which carries stored data ranging from kilobytes to megabytes or more. The cache generated are mostly junk and have no use, they could be memories or cutouts from sites or something else. The more you explore these apps the more cache it builds up, which often takes up needed space. To delete cache go to settings> storage> cache data, tap confirmation to clear.

  • View storage pane

Android phones have a storage pane that can be viewed to show you the statistic of storage space and what data is taking up all your space. The advantage of this built-in tool is that most times we are not sure what hogs up all the storage space on our device, sometimes it’s a bunch of irrelevant stuff that we forgot we still had saved. This allows you to prioritize by deleting the less important stuff.

  • Clear downloads

Your android has a downloads folder and often times when you have cleared and deleted so much unnecessary info, some are still there, lurking around in your downloads folder. What you do is go to files>downloads> clear downloads, or simply delete specific files you don’t need any more.

  • Delete offline search in Google Maps

As you already know, Google maps can be downloaded and operated even when you are offline. This is a great way to find places but it comes at a cost; memory space. You can delete the map to create ample space.

  • Don’t be an app hog

A lot of people have more apps on their device than they know what to do with. Most apps spend close to a year on your device and have never been opened, heck there are apps you haven’t even opened since you got the phone! Do away with those apps, except of course if they are factory apps then those cannot be deleted.

  • Buy as SD card

External memory cards come in various sizes. You can easily purchase one and move all your information there. It would take the weight off your phone memory and enable your phone function more effectively. The great thing with SD cards is that you can save anything, pics, videos, documents, apps, anything at all. Another awesome reason why you should use an SD card is this; if you have an accident with your phone you don’t have to lose all the data, for example if your phone was to fall from a high ground, the chances are that your phone maybe damaged completely but you could simply full out your SD card which is likely to be in great shape.

  • Move to cloud

Cloud technology is pretty popular nowadays; everyone is enjoying the convenience of having a cloud account. This way you can never lose any information recklessly. There are so many cloud storage providers to pick from, I personally use Google drive and drop box. These are extremely easy to use and you can upload all your personal info such as pictures, videos, e-books, and the like. Cloud accounts come with a reasonable storage size so you would never run out of space and if you do, you are allowed to have various cloud accounts with one email so you can amass a large chunk of space to yourself. This is an effective way to create adequate space on your android device.

  • Go for a wireless hard drive

This device works with the use of a Wi-Fi as it doesn’t use connecting cables. You can easily move files to your wireless hard drive anytime without the need for transferring to a laptop first then transferring to a hard drive. You simply skip a step.

A free space isn’t just for storing data on your android device, it also enables your device some functioning space, allows it some space to search. Full phone storage is bad for business; it makes your device extremely slow and inefficient. So free up some space and get the best out of your android phone.

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