Tips On How To Back Up Your Iphone With Ease

Apple products are one of the most complex phones to use. They can be quite elusive when it comes to certain information. The experience of losing vital information such as documents, images, videos and the likes can be devastating especially if you are unfamiliar with the concept of backup and how it is done on your iphones or ipads. Sometimes we are so busy gathering information and making memories that we forget that all man-made devices have a life span and also there is the possibility of accidents such as dropping your iPad or iPhone on a hard ground, leading to major damages that would require formatting or various forms of reset. We should always prepare for these unforeseen events no matter how careful we are with our devices and this is where the concept of backup comes into play.

What does the term “backup” mean

Digital devices have inbuilt software that is capable of creating duplicates of whatever information is on your device, this is done so that the data is not lost when certain accidents occur.

What is the big fuss about backup?

Let’s say you are a very busy business person who likes to get all your information on the go, you have tons of information saved on your phone which you often exchange with colleagues. Your Iphone drops accidentally and goes blank, after series of technical invasions it comes back on but all your files are gone and you have no duplicates! The horror! Backups ensure valuable information is stored where you can always have access to them no matter the condition of your device.

Ways to backup

Popular views have advised that it may be necessary to backup your Iphone before upgrading to a higher iPhone version. Here are simple backup techniques;

  • iCloud Back-up

The iCloud is a tool that enables you to backup any kind of files as long as you are connected to the internet. You can save data such as photo images, music videos, apps, mms, sms, iMessage, settings, ringtones; all purchase histories done on iTunes store, iBook, and App store. Your apple ID gives you access to 5GB of cloud storage, this is ample space for your personal data, however, you can purchase more cloud space if needed. Here are steps to backup using iCloud

  • connect your Iphone to a good WiFi network
  • go to settings, scroll to locate and click iCloud
  • Find the option iCloud backup. Ensure that the switch is flipped on
  • hit backup now and wait for process to complete
  • Go to settings, Icloud, icloud storage, manage storage, and then choose the device you use. This is also applicable to iOS 10.2.

To   automatically backup all your future files, ensure that the backup option stays on.

  • iTunes Back-up

This is a most popular and widely used tool by most apple users as this is mostly what consumers use to download apps, books, music and lots more. This tool has one advantage over the iCloud and that is the fact that it backs-up all files like photo images and videos including those not purchased from iTunes. Here are steps to backup using iTunes;

  • firstly, connect your device to your computer and open up iTunes
  • follow the steps, input your passcode
  • select your device as it appears on ITunes then backup

  • Acronis True Image 2018

The major advantage Acronis true image 2018 has over iCloud and iTunes is that it goes beyond the call of duty to protect content that is randomly generated by users, this content include videos, images, contact list, calendar appointments, reminders and lots more. These services pretty much out ranks any other backup tool. To use this tool, you will need an Acronis account; this allows you to either use the trial version of the prepaid. Here are directions for installing Acronis backup;

  • Go to the app store on your device
  • Hit the search button
  • Type Acronis true image in the space
  • Choose Acronis true image from search results
  • Follow the steps for installation
  • Open Acronis true image and hit backup
  • Sign into your account and select the category you would like to backup
  • Give permission for Acronis to access your personal data
  • Wait for backup process to complete.

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