Great Tips On How To Grow Your Ecommerce Business On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users worldwide and it currently has its eye fixed on developing an ecommerce enabled platform to further bridge the gap between business and lifestyle.  People would usually upload tons of informal details on social platforms just for fun and attention; the presence of traffic however provides an easy platform to introduce businesses and various forms of revenue generating engagements. Instagram is presently one of the best places to market your Ecommerce site. Let’s paint a little marketing picture;

Imagine marketing your products on a social media platform with a population of 500 million active users every month with a statistic of 31{5243b3ca8646489efc6497e68f7d7944d67853996848a5b4af99617ddca59c6b} females and 24{5243b3ca8646489efc6497e68f7d7944d67853996848a5b4af99617ddca59c6b}males from the United States which is one of the highest patrons of online consumer goods, also considering a market demographic of potential clients aged 18-34 years old. This gives you a very viable market where any brand would like to establish visibility.

The success of an Ecommerce store solely relies on generating traffic. Outreach strategies on various social media forums and an official website are tools needed for success. Instagram is revving up to deepen its ties with Ecommerce; this is evident in the permission granted to advertisers to add a “purchase now” button to their Instagram ads.

There is a buzz about instagram gearing up to integrate with Ecommerce in the future and this means extra value and sales growth for business. So this brings us to the question of “how do I grow my Ecommerce business on Instagram?” here is a list of to-dos;

  • Create an attractive profile page

This may seem cliché but most people are unaware that their profile page determines if there is going to be more clicks or fewer clicks. This includes a sound landing page, high quality profile picture, and a well written professional biography.

  • Increase your Instagram followership

This is the most difficult part of the job, getting followers. The future of your Ecommerce business depends on your ability to attract followers; it is your ticket to massive sales. You can generate followership through these strategies;

  • Cross promoting and sharing your audiences posts
  • Send out short bulk mails
  • Follow and comment on competitors page
  • Focus on creating engaging content

The mistake most ecommerce businesses make is to start trying to sell on Instagram. This is a bad idea. Most people go on instagram to have fun and not necessarily to go shopping. A great way to reconcile both interests is to create value for visitors and this can be inform of pictures, videos, infographs and the likes, without asking them to buy anything. Storify these images with engaging literature, use tools such as webinars, podcasts, videos, classes, eBooks, and guides. Automate your updating process by using tools that would update your posts strategically when people are likely to see them. Use very engaging images that would drive curiosity. Remember, the stories are very important, this has been proven so many times, especially when these stories have an emotional connection. Seek to be positive and showcase usability of products that can change lifestyle or can stir up a need in your audience.

No matter the angle your content takes, make it fun for the audience, it has to entertain before it can sell.

  • Convert your followers to customers with a sophisticated landing page

Once you have done a great job with your content marketing you will notice traffic seeping into your Ecommerce site, this is where you do the conversion. Your site has to look the talk! The best way to do this is to make sure your site has a professionally written landing page, and is mobile friendly. You do realize that most people would be using their phones for most time of the day and if your site isn’t mobile friendly it would greatly affect traffic.

There are inexhaustible ways to market your ecommerce store on instagram using highly engaging photo galleries. Here are a few tools that would be helpful to you;

  • Tap shop
  • Shopseen
  • Like2HaveIt
  • InstaOrders
  • Inselly
  • Soldsie
  • Like2Buy
  • Showcase
  • Websta

Implications Of Assembling Your Personal Gaming Pc

The days of the arcade games are dead! No one goes to public places to play video games anymore… well except for Vegas, but that’s a whole different ball game. The point is this; gaming has evolved and people prefer playing video and gaming PC in the comfort of their homes with friends and families. The great thing about home video games is that it makes you the king of the neighborhood, your home becomes the meeting spot which is great if you are an extrovert and love having people around even at odd hours of the day.

Gaming can be done anywhere nowadays, on any device. A lot of people get their games on the go, mostly on mobile devices as this helps to reduce boredom during work breaks. There are great games that are compatible with android and apple devices and even though they offer good quality games nothing beats the experience of having your own gaming PC set up at home or any place of choice with an ergonomic chair that allows you sit for hours without fatigue.

Now here’s the scenario, you are in need of a new gaming PC set and you are torn between two options; to buy a complete PC gaming set or to assemble your gaming set yourself. For those who are new to the concept of assemblage, let me explain; you can decide to buy each part of your pc game parts separately from the same or different dealers but not packaged together as a full set. This is called assembling; it has its advantages and disadvantages;

Advantages of assembling your gaming PC

  • Customization and upgrade

Various parts of a gaming PC has various quality levels, depending on your budget you may decide to give extra priority to the most important part by putting in a bit more cash to procure the best quality and version, while you may decide to economize on smaller parts that are not so necessary. You could also upgrade by adding extra compatible devices to give your system a boost such as extra audio equipments. This will give you a better gaming experience than going for a moderate set.

  • Cost of purchase

The secret to purchasing each part of your gaming PC separately is that you can get some great prices for them and save a reasonable amount on pieces of hardware. Some hardware you can buy brand new and some you can go for fairly used, depending on the level of importance of course.  However this can be tricky, you have to do your research to find out the required quality for each piece of hardware in order to know how to price them.

  • Warranty on purchase

When you purchase a set you get one year warranty on a full set of equipment, this can be tweaked to your favor when you purchase various parts for assemblage, and with each part having warranties independently ranging from 1-3 year warranty and this is obviously a better bargain isn’t it?


  • It takes time

As awesome as the idea of assembling your own customized hardware may seem, imagine having to go from one retailer shop to the other, checking out specifications, bargaining for a good price and calling a friend of yours to confirm if you are making the right choice. It’s a block of time to put into purchasing. If you are doing it for the first time you may need some technical support as this is new lands for you, an expert would ensure you don’t waste money buying the wrong thing.

  • Lack of research can be disastrous

The thing about hardware is that there are compatibility levels and various versions which may not always match. If you are to assemble your own games PC you need to be familiar with the technical nitty gritty and how they match. A wrong fix can be tragic.

These are most of what you need to know when assembling a personal gaming PC for yourself. If you are an experienced fixer then it’s a walk in the park for you and you can shave off a pretty penny in the process.

How To Make Sure Your Mac Is Well Protected, Safe And Efficient

In my opinion, of course this is open to argument, the Mac computer is the best computer ever made. From the external features you already have an idea what I mean. It is sleek, very fast and has a strong security system. Most Macs run for a couple of years before age begins to tell on it like every other Machine. Its highly recommendable, however, it is not immune to problems. We have analyzed the possible problems a Mac computer can possibly have and we have narrowed it to two main issues; security and efficiency. Here are tips to ensure that your Mac is safe and running as efficiently as a brand new product;


  • Regular data backup

Every Machine is prone to technical problems; this does not exempt the Mac. There are risks of losing all your personal data if they are no backed up regularly. This can be done in a space of one or two weeks. There are solutions to backing up your files;

  • Create backup duplicates for easy restoration
  • Transfer of copy your data into an external hard drive
  • Back up your files using cloud storage
  • Don’t leave programs running in the background

System malfunctions are often caused by overload. This is when the system is pushed to conduct so many functions all at once. If you are the type that likes to keep all devices and utilities running at the same time such as Bluetooth, cloud services, applications, and printers, it’s probably not the best idea. These functions take a particular amount of RAM space to run and they slow down your system.

  • Don’t suffocate your hard drive

Hoarding unnecessary files and data are part of human behavior. This largely affects your system. For your Mac to run efficiently it needs to have at least 10{5243b3ca8646489efc6497e68f7d7944d67853996848a5b4af99617ddca59c6b} free disk space. This is why it is necessary to clean out old data such as documents, images, videos, and the lot. Again this is where your external hard drive and cloud storage comes into play.

  • Clean out your clustered desktop

Having all your apps and software on your desktop is extremely handy, you can easily click on whichever one you need without stress, but do you know this contributes to slowing down your Mac? It takes up Ram space which should have been used for other functions hereby slowing down your programs. A simpler way would be to leave all apps in the application folder where you can always refer to it when you need it.

  • Frequent update of software

Usually when a new version for software is released you would get a notification asking you to upgrade to a newer version. In order to keep your system free from security problems and bugs, it would be better to use up that extra MB and update your software. Another tip is that sometimes when apps are released they are usually a better version but may not have been tested enough to guaranty efficiency on all Mac types so waiting a bit after the release may not be a bad idea. That way, whatever issue that may come up would have been resolved.

Security against hacks and malware

  • Use a password

This is a no brainer; if you have private files which could be work or personal details then you should have a password account that would allow you monitor who uses your computer and what they are looking at. Always disable the automatic login option.

  • Put a lock on keychain

Safari auto fill can be very useful especially when you can’t seem to remember your password or when you don’t want to have to repeat yourself all the time but it does have its downside. When someone else uses your Mac system, they can easily access your online accounts and this can be disastrous when you have highly exclusive valuable information saved up.

  • Protect your system with an antivirus software

It’s always advisable to have trusted anti-virus software installed. This would protect your system from crafty data and malware.

  • Download data from trusted sources

The internet is full of information and websites that can carry all forms of encrypted viruses. Be extremely cautious of where you choose to download information from and this also goes for emails from an unknown source.

There is so much cyber crime going on these present times and super hackers are always coming up with the ultimate tool to hack into accounts and siphon data and valuable financial details. You can also keep your Mac computer safe from hacking and malware by doing a broad research and adopting new tech and ideas that would help you evade external invasion    

Smart Tricks To Create More Space On Your Android Phone

“Memory full, clear up space on your device”

This is the one thing no one wants to see while trying to download an awesome video or whatever tickles your fancy from the internet to your android phone. The funny part is, no matter the amount of space your device comes with, it is sure to fill up in no time; this is the power of the internet. Usually the next step when you have a full phone memory would be, going through your phone and trying to prioritize documents and information to see which can be forfeited for some new info. There are a few tips that can help you get more space on your device;

  • Clear app Cache

All resident apps tend to generate cache which carries stored data ranging from kilobytes to megabytes or more. The cache generated are mostly junk and have no use, they could be memories or cutouts from sites or something else. The more you explore these apps the more cache it builds up, which often takes up needed space. To delete cache go to settings> storage> cache data, tap confirmation to clear.

  • View storage pane

Android phones have a storage pane that can be viewed to show you the statistic of storage space and what data is taking up all your space. The advantage of this built-in tool is that most times we are not sure what hogs up all the storage space on our device, sometimes it’s a bunch of irrelevant stuff that we forgot we still had saved. This allows you to prioritize by deleting the less important stuff.

  • Clear downloads

Your android has a downloads folder and often times when you have cleared and deleted so much unnecessary info, some are still there, lurking around in your downloads folder. What you do is go to files>downloads> clear downloads, or simply delete specific files you don’t need any more.

  • Delete offline search in Google Maps

As you already know, Google maps can be downloaded and operated even when you are offline. This is a great way to find places but it comes at a cost; memory space. You can delete the map to create ample space.

  • Don’t be an app hog

A lot of people have more apps on their device than they know what to do with. Most apps spend close to a year on your device and have never been opened, heck there are apps you haven’t even opened since you got the phone! Do away with those apps, except of course if they are factory apps then those cannot be deleted.

  • Buy as SD card

External memory cards come in various sizes. You can easily purchase one and move all your information there. It would take the weight off your phone memory and enable your phone function more effectively. The great thing with SD cards is that you can save anything, pics, videos, documents, apps, anything at all. Another awesome reason why you should use an SD card is this; if you have an accident with your phone you don’t have to lose all the data, for example if your phone was to fall from a high ground, the chances are that your phone maybe damaged completely but you could simply full out your SD card which is likely to be in great shape.

  • Move to cloud

Cloud technology is pretty popular nowadays; everyone is enjoying the convenience of having a cloud account. This way you can never lose any information recklessly. There are so many cloud storage providers to pick from, I personally use Google drive and drop box. These are extremely easy to use and you can upload all your personal info such as pictures, videos, e-books, and the like. Cloud accounts come with a reasonable storage size so you would never run out of space and if you do, you are allowed to have various cloud accounts with one email so you can amass a large chunk of space to yourself. This is an effective way to create adequate space on your android device.

  • Go for a wireless hard drive

This device works with the use of a Wi-Fi as it doesn’t use connecting cables. You can easily move files to your wireless hard drive anytime without the need for transferring to a laptop first then transferring to a hard drive. You simply skip a step.

A free space isn’t just for storing data on your android device, it also enables your device some functioning space, allows it some space to search. Full phone storage is bad for business; it makes your device extremely slow and inefficient. So free up some space and get the best out of your android phone.

Tips On How To Back Up Your Iphone With Ease

Apple products are one of the most complex phones to use. They can be quite elusive when it comes to certain information. The experience of losing vital information such as documents, images, videos and the likes can be devastating especially if you are unfamiliar with the concept of backup and how it is done on your iphones or ipads. Sometimes we are so busy gathering information and making memories that we forget that all man-made devices have a life span and also there is the possibility of accidents such as dropping your iPad or iPhone on a hard ground, leading to major damages that would require formatting or various forms of reset. We should always prepare for these unforeseen events no matter how careful we are with our devices and this is where the concept of backup comes into play.

What does the term “backup” mean

Digital devices have inbuilt software that is capable of creating duplicates of whatever information is on your device, this is done so that the data is not lost when certain accidents occur.

What is the big fuss about backup?

Let’s say you are a very busy business person who likes to get all your information on the go, you have tons of information saved on your phone which you often exchange with colleagues. Your Iphone drops accidentally and goes blank, after series of technical invasions it comes back on but all your files are gone and you have no duplicates! The horror! Backups ensure valuable information is stored where you can always have access to them no matter the condition of your device.

Ways to backup

Popular views have advised that it may be necessary to backup your Iphone before upgrading to a higher iPhone version. Here are simple backup techniques;

  • iCloud Back-up

The iCloud is a tool that enables you to backup any kind of files as long as you are connected to the internet. You can save data such as photo images, music videos, apps, mms, sms, iMessage, settings, ringtones; all purchase histories done on iTunes store, iBook, and App store. Your apple ID gives you access to 5GB of cloud storage, this is ample space for your personal data, however, you can purchase more cloud space if needed. Here are steps to backup using iCloud

  • connect your Iphone to a good WiFi network
  • go to settings, scroll to locate and click iCloud
  • Find the option iCloud backup. Ensure that the switch is flipped on
  • hit backup now and wait for process to complete
  • Go to settings, Icloud, icloud storage, manage storage, and then choose the device you use. This is also applicable to iOS 10.2.

To   automatically backup all your future files, ensure that the backup option stays on.

  • iTunes Back-up

This is a most popular and widely used tool by most apple users as this is mostly what consumers use to download apps, books, music and lots more. This tool has one advantage over the iCloud and that is the fact that it backs-up all files like photo images and videos including those not purchased from iTunes. Here are steps to backup using iTunes;

  • firstly, connect your device to your computer and open up iTunes
  • follow the steps, input your passcode
  • select your device as it appears on ITunes then backup

  • Acronis True Image 2018

The major advantage Acronis true image 2018 has over iCloud and iTunes is that it goes beyond the call of duty to protect content that is randomly generated by users, this content include videos, images, contact list, calendar appointments, reminders and lots more. These services pretty much out ranks any other backup tool. To use this tool, you will need an Acronis account; this allows you to either use the trial version of the prepaid. Here are directions for installing Acronis backup;

  • Go to the app store on your device
  • Hit the search button
  • Type Acronis true image in the space
  • Choose Acronis true image from search results
  • Follow the steps for installation
  • Open Acronis true image and hit backup
  • Sign into your account and select the category you would like to backup
  • Give permission for Acronis to access your personal data
  • Wait for backup process to complete.

How Adopting Cmms Software Can Help Your Business Save Money

Software and tools are the gift of modern technology with multiple applications in today’s businesses. The cost of running a business could escalate to unimaginable heights without proper monitoring, evaluation and management tools. With the introduction of business software and tools, many businesses have been able to cut down on expenses and have been able to organize and implement strategies for better output.

The management of equipments and assets in an organization takes a reasonable amount of tracking and documentation. Often times there are different faculties with documentation that may differ from others in terms of dates and numbers; this usually affects monthly and quarterly reports. This is where business software and tools come in handy.  Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) software has been extremely useful in the area of streamlining facilities to create efficient operations and better maintenance strategies, helping the business save money. Here are the different ways that adopting CMMS software can help your business save extra cash;

  • Centralized information unit

The CMMS software provides a secure platform for storing general information on assets and equipment. This centralization of data allows for easy access and management. It stands as an integrated monitoring solution that takes a single unit. All information are accessible such as warranties, O&M manuals, equipments, serial numbers, documentations and certifications, images of models and ID tags. It also has a multiple user interface which allows better monitoring.

  • Effective inventory management

Running an effective business means having timely and overall knowledge on operations, assets and inventory. The CMMS centralization database allows access to data on current inventory so as to enable quick decision making.

  • To create effective preventive maintenance strategies

Preventive maintenance is critical to work productivity. The software provides a timely intervention on preventive maintenance strategy for a smoother running.

  • To better understand visual asset mapping

It allows users to better conduct location based management within various sections of the facility.

  • Manage maintenance costs

The software keeps track of data related to previous maintenance costs; this can range from monthly to annual. It also includes extra costs such as labor for maintenance team and contract workers.

  • Replacement of worn out equipments

The great advantage with using the CMMS software is that it tracks and stores information on events such as previous maintenance done on every piece of equipment in the past. You can easily get access to the previous maintenance done and the replacements made; it also keeps track of warranties on machines which always comes in handy. It sets a scheduled maintenance period which is tentative depending on the management plan. This helps to alert management on over usage, to avoid damage of equipments leading to big costs of repair.

  • Automate tasks based on priority

Tasks can be scheduled of the software to create prioritization. Such tasks as daily tasks would take priority over weekly or monthly and these are also budget linked; repairing equipment which is almost never used would take a lower priority to repairing equipments used on daily basis. These tasks could be simple and basic such as machine lubrication, battery replacements, and the likes, or big complex tasks.

  • Accelerated Inventory structure

Some companies use spreadsheets to manage inventory and this often comes with a bit of confusion especially when data is mismanaged or misplaced. The CMMS software helps to store very relevant information on all inventories such as images, serial numbers, supplier name and location, associated equipments, software and tools. This enables you keep tabs on supplies and information of supplier.

  • Schedules tasks for workers

Often times there are lag phases during working hours; this is due to the uncertainty of what tasks should come next. The CMMS software creates a schedule that keeps workers informed on every step and precise timing; this helps to improve daily output.

  • Staff Accountability

Keeping track of employee performance can be difficult when you have a large number of employees. Especially when most tasks are assigned orally and not documented. It is difficult to know if tasks were executed, when, how and how much time and resources was required. There are also extras such as overtime and the likes. This problem can be handled with the CMMS software.     

Powerful Social Media Strategies To Build Your Business Brand

Using social media to implement a marketing strategy that will build your brand and business is a way to hit the same wide coverage other media has got to offer while spending little or no cost – this is the beauty of social media platforms. With the emergence of social networking, people discovered that the digital platform is a gold mine and the coverage and impact is unlimited. Your brand is the mirror of your business, if your business was out on the red carpet, your brand is its outfit, it is the packaging, the representation of your classand the attraction you bring to your business – this isn’t something you likely yo-yo with. Optimize the advantageous windows of social media to build your brand and business in the following techniques:

  • Create quality posts about your brand 

You need attention grabbing posts first of all, to hold your customers’ attention for a moment. If your posts are catchy enough and relevant to their knowledge about your brand or business then surely, you will get likes and reactions. A lot of customers want to feel the online presence of their brand, the more popular you are, the more your customers feel confident in your band wagon and windows of opportunities open.

  • Follow competitors and their followers 

It is good to keep yourself abreast of the activities of your competitors, go all out and follow their followers, by sodoing you will get followers who are equally interested in your services. It’s a highly competitive world when success is involved; turn your game up a notch.

  • Be responsive and interactive

Always answer the questions of your customers, make it as straight to the point as possible where required and as elaborate as possible when needed, this is so as to automatically satisfy other customers who may have similar question in mind, and for the fact that potential customers may be reading up on the conversation if thrown openly. Make it a point of duty to be timely in your responses as well; this goes a long way to show devotion from your company to their customers.

  • Have good customer service 

This emphasizes the above point but goes a little further to talk about skills and professionalism in your customer service. The customer service of any business has a wholesome duty to give a certain polish to the brand. It should be as flawless as possible – accurate, courteous, skilful in interaction, caring, error-free and encouraging to customers.

  • Make used of LinkedIn

This is a very good platform to sell your business. There are numerous people on LinkedIn, discovering businesses and being discovered themselves, it is a very good business platform for you to show case your brand and expand your clientele base.

  • Update your platforms

make sure that the information displayed about your company is accurate and up to date in your entire social media platform. Take out time to post recent information in all so as to carry your customers along.

  • Be consistent

it is important to carry out all of the above point, but twice more important to be consistent about it. Consistency is the way to bring your brand to the faces of people and have it stay there for a long lasting period. The fact is that consistency requires discipline, passion and devotion; most successful business owners had a large amount of consistency in projecting their brand.

  • Increase your followers

whenever you share a post, tag influencers. These influencers likely have a massive number of followers that you can tap from. Tagging them will increase the chances of your post being seen by many other people who are likely their followers. Along the line you may find that some of their followers will follow you as well. Another aspect of increasing your followers is to purchase them. This is business, a little investment on your social media platform will only pay off to the benefit of your business, when you buy active followers, you are not only getting the benefit of having an immediate increase of the followers you purchased but you stand a good chance of non-followers following you on the long run. So, this in my opinion is worthwhile investment on your social media platform.

Trends Taking Shape In Todays It Cloud Solutions

Every industry has its practice that helps to structure governance and behavior. Adoption of best practices especially computer based creates a defined working experience that synchronizes company objectives with managerial decisions. When it comes to company technology, there is a need to ensure that there is adequate research before venturing into a new line. IT trends such as cloud tech has opened the way to a much more convenient and flexible way for data storage and management. Cloud computing has revolutionized the working practices of various enterprises since its inception and it continues to create a track that would lead to a generalized standard of operation. As various enterprises seek for a sustainable and competitive option in cloud technology there is segmentation in choices as the popular IT cloud trends are; private clouds, public cloud services, and Hybrid cloud. This decision emanates from the need for companies to scale compute resources in order to create better customer service.

Since 2006 when Amazon Web launched its first cloud, basic compute and storage, there have been great changes in the aspect of technology and cloud tech. large corporations such as Microsoft, Google, & IBM have also taken up the mantle to open new data centers, setting up cloud services for large companies for purchase. Let us take a look at the trends on cloud adoption today;

  • Co-location services

Chief information officers of various large companies are seeking to discontinue running company data centers as this is an aged system which incurs reasonable cost but can easily be substituted by adopting cloud services but need to conduct a bit more research on the best service to opt for. Most are betting on co-location services from Digital reality, Equinix and the likes the convenience of public cloud services include easy connectivity and SaaS services. A multi-cloud strategy which also allows companies to benefit from the test services from cloud service providers such as Google AWS, Azure and the likes without a full commitment until they are sure of its efficiency and customer service culture.

  • Containment of cloud cost

Cloud is not cheap. The negotiation stage with IT companies on a long term commitment after the usual test period can be a stiff one. The complexity of engaging various vendors is usually unavoidable especially with experienced cloud service vendors such as Microsoft and Google. These providers often lay charge plans by number of messages sent or hourly usage. Cost is a huge challenge, but even so, CIOs and IT executives are making adjustments to containment costs and negotiation practices. Some companies have developed ways of shaving off a good sum from charges by monitoring consumption.

  • Hyper-converged private cloud infrastructure

Not every business wants to bear all the risks associated with operations so many CIOs would opt for a public cloud server, hereby shifting sensitive information to a third party. Private services perform similar tasks to public services by means of automation, standardization, self-service, and often require resource monitoring and advanced virtualization but is often tasking and expensive. The use of a Hyper-convergence infrastructure would help offer pre-integrated compute, with storage and networking resources that would greatly speed up cloud implementation. The aim of Hyper-convergence is to bring compute, storage and network resources under one umbrella, evenly managed, in essence, build private clouds with same operating mechanism as public clouds.

  • Use of containers

Containers are needed to transfer certain software codes and recently developers are harnessing their flexibility to enable usage between cloud services such as Google, Azure, and AWS. As always, new ideas and methodologies come with new challenges so companies may have to deal with impending, monitoring, storage, security and network issues that may arise due to the deployment of containers.

  • Lift and shift migration strategy

Shifting to a public cloud service may need refactoring of apps for them to run on public cloud service. This can be done can taking advantage of migration services to optimize or rewrite apps. The lift and shift tool may be expensive but it will definitely speed up the rate of cloud migration

Cloud technology is accelerating to a whole new level and enterprises are taking advantage of its flexibility. We are set to witness a paradigm shift in cloud tech.

The Big Market For Artificial Intelligence And Drones

Robot technology used to be fiction, mostly the thing we see in the movies and we marvel at the possibilities of a completely self automated machine that can act on its own judgment and logic. This is the power vested on Artificial intelligence (AI) and Drones.

AI and drones are both bots of tech origin and come in various forms to fulfill all purpose. In the past, most of these Ai machines and Drones were held secret and owned exclusively by the government, now the future holds so much more for this multipurpose technology.

We are in the era of technology bloom and these AI machines and drones play key role in different facets of our lives such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, production, accounting, driving, surveillance, aviation, media, and military.

Here are big markets for AI and drones that is sure to rake in billions of dollars;

  • Automated captures

Various industries use large, high powered machines. Some facilities come with very intricate technology and structure which may be difficult to maintain due to height, depth, narrowness or level of danger such as places with high electrical surges or places with turbines which are always on. The use of drones will greatly decrease occupational hazards and enable effective monitoring and management. These drones can be used for survey and automate captures which can be viewed by management. Away with manual methods of operations and in with no-risk tech bots.

  •  Data sourcing

There are certain jobs that generate excess data which maybe a bit much for human capacity and would require hiring a lot of people to accomplish. This is one of the advantages of AI; they can sieve through a large pile of data and get you exactly what you need. A data sourcing job that would take a human several hours to find would take an AI seconds.

  • Operating machines

There is a need to consider the advantages of AI and drones in the operation of big and small machines in all industries, it reduces man power and it is highly efficient. A great example is in manufacturing. Various segments of fully automated AI can produce well over human capacity and this would, in the long run lead to increased production while saving a fortune on payroll and compensations. The global market has need for this technology as industries are sprouting up at various parts of the world. Production and consumption is at an all time high. Companies are seeking new and efficient ways to get work done.

  • Road Construction

Incorporating Ai and Drones in road construction would make a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of roads. Road construction usually takes up a large amount of time and resources. Mapping and survey, clearance, and lots of other activities can be executed by bots. Humans are beginning to understand that there are certain tasks that are high risk and extremely difficult and so should be executed by bots. Road construction and maintenance are decent examples.

  • Automotive

Every year hundreds and thousands of brand new vehicles are pushed into the market. There is a scamper for the newest versions and models of vehicles. The age of AI comes with new features for automobiles such as safety features and automated piloting. We are set to witness a major evolution in automobile designs. Futuristic concepts further depict the full capacity of AI in the automotive industry.

  • Accounting

The financial sector will witness an error free automated balancing of records and self auditing in years to come. This would save companies lots of money and create a more efficient system. Cloud accounting is becoming popular; this would soon be followed by better data entry methods and book keeping platforms. The only question is where would that leave accounting staffs and professional chattered accountants? We would definitely welcome efficient methods of accounting through the use of AI, we must also brace up for the consequences as this may lead to loss of jobs.

  • Agriculture

Activities such as planting, harvesting, food processing, and pest control, tilling and a lot of other agricultural practices can be fully automated and executed to double the efforts of human workers. This would lead to larger food production and economy bloom.

How Wearable Technology Can Enhance Employee Performance

Workplaces have adopted various forms of technology in a bid to make work easier, and faster. With so many concepts in the pipeline and currently being developed, the newest innovation, the wearable tech, has brought about certain trends which may be the future of workplace.

What is wearable tech anyway? The term refers to any bodily device, worn either as an accessory or an implant that allows employees functions more efficiently. Its sole purpose is maximum output even though it could also be used for a few other purposes.

The reaction so far

Recent reports have shown that employees are a bit skeptical on wearing devices that give their employers personal information. This is expected, especially for devices that are able to read vitals. Although there are other devices which is more surface level such as those that allow better collaboration between employees working on the same project.

Introducing new technology to employees usually has a lag phase and often times takes a while to figure out before it becomes a fully grounded company culture. In some cases it may slow the business down, these are a few things to consider when introducing new tech but the advantages of wearable tech is the ease of operation. Here are some great sides to using wearable tech at the workplace;

  • Monitoring fatigue

Fatigue is common in workplaces, whether it’s a white-collar job or a blue-collar job. Most people function differently and have different working capacities. Introducing a wearable tech that senses fatigue in employees would help the management to better create working periods that suite employee to maximize input and output. One of such wearable tech is the “smartcap.” This tech is used by Blue-collar workers. It helps to reduce possible accidents that occur at workplaces by monitoring the brainwaves and mental alertness of the employee. It is quite useful for evaluating the level of fatigue in employees.

  • Security access

This is usually a major concern in various companies, who has access to what data or what facility. Securing company information works better by creating a system of devices that recognizes a specific bearer. Rather than a slide card which can get missing or stolen at anytime, big corporations can adopt smart watches or bands which carries an authenticator and also utilizes the biometric data of the employee. This ensures that only the employee can have access to a particular section. This wearable tech is still under development but would certainly make big waves in the market.

  • Track employees health

A healthy employee is efficient. Most people do not have the luxury of monitoring their own health conditions to know what may be right or wrong. A fitness tracking device can help employees monitor their health and fitness level. This would not only reassure them of their state of health but would also encourage them to be more health conscious. On their own they would be able to set health goals in order to function better. Wearable techs such as Fitbit and Boltt all aid in monitoring health conditions such as heart rate.

  • Collaboration

Imagine a situation where your company has a project going on and there are a large number of employees involved in this project from all departments. Keeping tabs of progress made on all sides would mean a lot of phone calls or a lot of emails. This is slow and time consuming especially when urgent decisions need to be made. A wearable tech that would enable an employer to have a quick chat with employees by just a push of a button would greatly help communication and effective collaboration on projects.

  • Manage work stress

Employees would definitely approve of this device. It is a simple device that can help employees manage stress by sending electrical pulses to the areas like the neck and the head to soothe the build-up. This electrical pulse is therapeutic and allows your body to relax. Thync and WellBe are one of such devices. It also comes with an app that would enable you create programs and stress relieving exercises.

Wearable tech is the future. Every employer would want the best output from their businesses and this is easily achieved by paying more attention to the health and capacity of employees.