Stim Social Review [2019] by Glide Digital

screenshot of Stim Social website

Instagram is no longer next to Youtube or Facebook. With over 1 billion active users, every new business – small or big, is turning to Instagram to grow their business.

The competition is stiff, though, there are over 8 million businesses on Instagram, and some of them have entire creative and marketing teams dedicated to it.

If you want to compete with them, you have to put in the same amount of effort, time, creativity, and most importantly, you need to acquire the workforce as well.

Or you can hire a marketing agency or use an online Instagram automation tool. These tools promise to grow your Instagram following, drive more traffic into your website, and increase conversions/sales.

There are plenty of these tools available online, and today, we will review Stim Social, an Instagram brand management tool which has been around since mid-2017.

Stim Social Features

As a management tool, Stim Social joins the ranks of Instagress as a company which claims to automate your Instagram account and increase your brand presence.

According to their own website, they claim to “maximize your Instagram marketing by getting real organic engagement and convert your followers to real customers.”

Thus, they don’t just claim to get you more followers, as those new followers might well be bots and not real people. They claim to find and attract real people and then curate and position your content towards them to turn them into paying customers.

Here is their full list of services:-

  1. Attract New Followers

This will lead to more people interacting with your profile. Increased engagement will lead to more comments, likes, and shares, which ultimately translates to more visibility in a very crowded space.

  1. Drive Site Traffic

It’s not just enough to get people to follow your profile. They should be interested enough to click on the link on your bio and go to your website to actually see what you’re all about.

  1. Build Your Influence

If you want people to trust in you, you have to establish yourself as an authority figure first – someone who can influence how people and even other brands think. Stim social claims they can help you land sponsorships, which increase your authority.

  1. Increase Product Sales

If you have an e-commerce site, more visibility will ultimately lead to more sales.

Stim Social thus positions itself as an all-around solution for all of your marketing needs. They will assist you in every step of the sales funnel, from generating interest to generating visitors to making sales.

Here are the online industries and businesses they have expertise in:-

  1. Fitness & Wellness
  2. E-commerce
  3. Food
  4. Beauty And Cosmetics
  5. Travel And Lifestyle
  6. Bloggers
  7. Fashion

Stim Social price – How Much Does It Cost?

Right off the bat, Stim Social offers a free five-day trial that requires you to put in some very basic contact info. After that, it connects directly to your Instagram.

Payment is subscription based, and they have different subscription models depending on the depth and extent of services you require. The cheapest subscription model starts at only a measly $5 per month, and the highest goes up to $100 per month.

There are a total of 5 different subscription models which offer varying degrees of control and volume in regards to followers and active engagement. The degree and quality of management of your profile also depend on the subscription model you choose.

Stim Social Free trial – How Does It Work?

Getting started with Stim Social is very easy and will only require a few minutes to get everything set up.

Step 1: Register

Put in all your details in the Free Trial form. At this point, you are not required to enter any personal data or credit card information.

Step 2: Create your Target Audience

This is the crux of the whole process, and in this step, you define what your ideal audience set looks like. Stim Social will try to get you more followers who fit the criteria of this audience set.

Step 3: Grow

Take a step back and let them get to work on your profile. Not only will they get more followers, but they will also keep engaging with them to keep them interested in you.

Step 4: Analyze and Optimize

Once the followers start rolling in, you can get to monitor your growth through detailed reports and also create strategies on how to optimize your efforts and gain even more followers.

Stim Social For Instagram – Should You Try It?

I understand you’re a bit apprehensive about using Online tools to get more visibility on Instagram. Instagram’s terms of Service strictly forbid using bots to engage and interact with people. The followers you get might be bots themselves.

If Instagram runs an audit on your account and deems it to be not in compliance with their terms and service, they might permanently ban your account.

However, unlike most bots, Stim Social grants you a large amount of control on how you would like your profile to be managed, and there are several options to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Here are a number of ways how you can use Stim Social to your advantage:

  • You get to choose the speed at which you like, follow or unfollow. You can even set limits so as not to go overboard.
  • You get to choose what kind of followers you want, whether they are business accounts, private accounts, male or female. You can also choose profiles which have more than a specified number of followers.
  • Everything you can do with followers, you can do with commenting and liking as well. You can choose what type of posts you like or comment, and you can choose the kind of people you engage with.

Final Words

If you’re worried Stim Social might not be legit, there are plenty of details backing up its legitimacy – secure payment gateways, https certification, etc.

I would say, give it a shot – at least for the 5-day free trial and then make a decision.