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6 Fantastic Gadgets that will Up Your Video Production Quality

Video production is the process in which videos are produced for TV and various other reasons. The process is split into 3 separate stages, the first stage is pre-production, then production, and then post-production. Pre-production involves anything that takes place prior to actually filming and is known as the planning stage, it involves things like scriptwriting, location scouting, and hiring crew for the production. The second stage is production, this is the stage where actors are required and the content for the video is actually filmed, this is also known as the principal photography stage. The final stage is anything that happens to the footage after it has been filmed, this is usually editing for example cutting raw footage, adding music, and adding sound effects. After the new social media site, TikTok became popular more people than ever became interested in video production, if your videos aren’t of a high enough quality then you’ll struggle to become popular on TikTok, if this is the case then you can gain popularity in other ways, for example, you can buy tiktok likes to grow your TikTok account. If you want to put the work in to create some great videos then 1 thing that will definitely help is if you have the right equipment, we’ve found 6 great gadgets that will help the quality of your videos.  


Having a great camera is one of the most important things when it comes to video production quality, if your camera is not of high quality then your footage will also be of low quality. There are so many different cameras that you can purchase and they are all suited for different purposes but some of the best cameras on the market right now include the Canon M50 and the Sony A7III.

Portable Camera

A portable camera is another important piece of equipment when it comes to filming. Having a portable camera opens up many options for the footage that you can get. It would be too much effort to always carry your good camera around with you but a portable camera is small and it would allow you to film whenever inspiration strikes, no matter where you are. Our favorite portable camera is from the GoPro range, the Hero9. 


Once you have a great camera to use, you’ll need accessories to make sure that whilst you’re filming you’re utilizing the quality of your camera. No matter how good your camera is, you’ll need to purchase a tripod to ensure the footage is worthy of being used as any small shake of the hand would be visible. The best tripod is the SwitchPod as it is lightweight and versatile. 



Whilst image is thought to be the most important thing for a high-quality video, audio is just as important. If you have a high-quality camera, it is likely that it will have a decent audio pickup but in comparison to using an external microphone, it will be much lower in quality. The best external microphones include shotgun microphones which are perfect for vlogging and the best brand for microphones is Rode. 


Even the average person understands how important lighting is when taking photos and videos. Natural light is the ideal lighting to film in and most videos are of higher quality in the summer as it is brighter. Luckily, you can purchase equipment to manipulate the lighting to make sure your video is of the highest quality. Getting the correct lighting is one of the hardest parts of video production so it’s worth paying for top-of-the-range equipment. Some of the best equipment includes the Aputure Light Dome and the GVM 3-Point Light Kit. 

Editing Software

Once you have your footage it’s time to start editing it. To do this you’ll need to make sure you have great editing software as this will massively increase the quality of your videos. You’ll still need to work hard as editing can be difficult but having great software will make this stage much easier. Some of the best editing software include Final Cut Pro and if you have a mac, iMovie. 

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