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8 Perfect Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Every day a brand new piece of brilliant tech hits the market. This is fantastic as it means there is constantly a fresh selection of brand new items that we can try out and enjoy. This is especially exciting for any tech lover who enjoys testing any new merchandise that is available, however, it can be quite overwhelming for people who don’t quite understand the world of tech, especially if they’re looking to buy something for a tech mad loved one. But fear not, here is a list of 8 great gift ideas for the tech lover in your life.


Wireless charger

I think something that we can all agree on is that charging wires are absolutely useless. They’re constantly bending and breaking, making them unusable in a number of months. A number of tech companies have acknowledged this issue and come up with a handy solution, the wireless charger. This means you don’t have to worry about any unreliable wires stopping you from charging your phone. It’s also just a really cool piece of futuristic technology which would be handy to have around the house.


Moving picture frames

Moving picture frames aren’t as new as a lot on the list but they’re still a really interesting piece of tech. Gone are the days of hanging a million photo frames on your wall to display memories, instead you can have one hanging frame that displays thousands of pictures. They don’t just need to be used for displaying memories of loved ones, you can also use them to leave little messages for people that you live with. Digitalframe0 have plenty of perfect frames to fit this need. Meaning not only will you have the perfect tool to leave a few passive-aggressive messages around your house, but it’ll save you wasting paper.


Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The Smart Lock Pro is the perfect example of how easy it is to bring any part of your home into the modern world. This is far more reliable than your average deadbolt in terms of home protection. This is essential for any forgetful tech lover as it gives you the option to lock your door on the go, meaning you don’t have to spend the entire day concerned with whether or not any of your possessions are up for grabs for any local burglars. This smart bit of tech also keeps a full record of who comes in and out of your door, meaning that any parents can keep a track of where their children are. You can also manage who has access to use the lock, which is far safer than a key, which can be used by anyone that has access to it.


Nintendo Switch- Lite

This is a newer console on the market and has taken the world by storm. This device has all the features of a normal switch, meaning you can access the same games and use the Nintendo shop. The only difference is that you can’t connect this console to your tv, which is fine if you’re someone who wants to use the device more portably. It also has a fantastic battery life, meaning that you can use it for hours before it does.


Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuums are another piece of tech that everybody wants to get their hands on. These nifty little gadgets take control of a dreaded part of the daily schedule, the hoovering.  This means that you can kick back and let someone else do the work for you. As the years have gone on, these gadgets have only gotten smarter. They use detecting technology that prevents them from knocking into objects and breaking things, they can also only hoover things of a certain size so you don’t have to worry about them sucking up anything valuable. They’re also very quiet, so you can relax and watch TV while the vacuum does all of the work.


Soundcore Wakey Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock

This one is perfect for any tech lovers that have a hard time getting themselves up in the morning, this device is extremely loud and is sure to wake anyone up. It also offers a range of calming settings, which is perfect for people who do not thrive well on being woken up abruptly. It charges wirelessly, meaning that you can keep all of your wires to use for other devices. Not only this, but it also has a number of ports that can be used to charge your other devices, which is great for people that have rooms with a poor charging set up.


The Firestick

The Firestick is one of the most in-demand pieces of tech on the market right now. This bit of tech is perfect for someone who loves to stream films and movies but doesn’t have the TV to do so. Not all smart TVs give you access to all of the apps you may need to use, but the firestick lets you use just about everything. It also gives you access to exclusive amazon apps, meaning you have a lot to work with.


Philips Lightbulbs

Everyone knows about the colour changing lightbulbs that are taking the world by storm. These bulbs are perfect for creating a nice ambience and can be controlled easily from an app on your phone or via control. You can control any room in your house, even if you aren’t in it. Meaning that you can turn off lights when not a home, saving energy when you don’t need it.

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