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Technology and Nature: A Guide to Creating a Smart Garden

A suburban home. A picturesque garden. A sunny day and a cold beer. This is undoubtedly an image of the American dream. Gardens and gardening have been a staple of our society for countless centuries. They are more than just a plot of land. They are an escape. A slice of personal heaven that can be transformed to meet your needs and desires. And in our ever digitally growing landscape, it is no surprise that people are finding new and creative ways to meld the world of gardening and technology together. We have seen smart homes move into the public eye, but what about smart gardens? You might ask if such a thing even exist. And the answer is yes. While it requires a bit more creative finesse to work and a deft hand at gardening, it is entirely possible to transform your garden into a joining of these two different worlds. But how can you go about this? Below we are going to take a look at just that.


The first step in all this is landscaping. Making sure you have the garden you want before you start installing anything. Since landscaping creates the foundation it is important to get it right. If you are not that skilled in it, do not be afraid to find a local landscaping company to work alongside you to make sure it is done right.

You want to think about a few different things when you start landscaping. What is your gardens main use going to be? Are you planning to entertain guests on the regular? Are you looking to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for you and your family to relax in? Maybe you want to start growing flowers or other plant life and need the garden to accommodate some serious gardening. Whatever your need, you must plan ahead and make sure the landscaping works for this purpose.

What Tech You Want

Keeping in mind this idea of knowing what you garden is for, you now want to look at what smart tech you want, and more importantly, what smart tech will actually be useful to that purpose. If you are planning to grow plants, maybe a fire pit won’t be the best idea.

Let’s look at a garden based around entertainment. You are going to want tech that is seamless and serves its purpose. A good starting ground would be to look at heaters. Smart garden heaters can modify their output depending on the temperature they read of the world around them. This means they will automatically turn themselves on and off and can be controlled remotely. You might want to also invest in an outside speaker system that can be linked together and controlled from a single phone. Investing in some garden smart lights as well will help you create the mood you are going for.

What about gardening? Greenhouse technology has been scaled down and repurposed for the general consumer. There are a number of smart devices that can be inserted into the soil that will monitor for any issues such as temperature issues, seismic issues that could indicate pests or even warning you of invading insects. Not only that but there are numerous smart devices that can monitor how often you are watering your plants and offer advice and reminders on when to water next. Installing automated sprinklers that can be connected to your phone means, even while away you can monitor the state of your garden and keep on top of it.

Form over Function

Simply getting the smart tech isn’t enough for a garden though. You need to decide what your priorities are. Style or function. A lot of different brands focus on one or the other. If you are looking to impress your guests there are options for smart devices that blend into their surroundings. This decorative camouflage might come at a higher price tag or even a less efficient machine but will add to the overall atmosphere of your garden and be an excellent talking point.

If you are looking for function, then you will want to look into the higher price ranges to find the tech that is most reliable. This tech won’t always look the best, as it is prioritizing its usage over how well it blends into the garden, but it is absolutely worth the extra cost, if look isn’t an issue. Gardens aren’t always the most stable of environments. Things can get battered by bad weather or unwanted animals. So having tech that is sturdy and reliable is a must if you don’t want to be forking out for repairs or replacements every year.

The Finishing Touch

Landscaping and tech is the bulk of the work. The final step is adding your own personal flair onto the garden. Remember, a garden is your personal slice of the American dream. So don’t be afraid to make it as such. Splurge out and go for the things you want in it. Hot tub? Get it. Top of the range BBQ? Why not! It should be a place you are happy to be in and come together to relax and let you unwind in peace. And most importantly, enjoy the process. Nothing is better than working on your garden and finally seeing it all come together at last.

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