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The Best Gaming Headsets Any Serious Gamer Needs

As the largest media industry in the world grows substantially by the day with absolutely no signs of stopping or even slowing down, more and more people are getting into video games as a serious hobby. As a result of this, the peripherals associated with a great gaming session are becoming their own separate huge markets. Keyboard and mouse manufacturers are booming in recent years, with dozens of new high-profile keyboards being released each month, a huge amount for something that seems such a basic part of a computer setup.

Even gaming chairs are having a resurgence in recent years, with promotions all over Twitch and Youtube trying to promote chairs to creators and audiences alike. The biggest of these rising industries is, however, that of the headsets. This can create a problem when looking for a new headset as the market is almost becoming oversaturated with choice, and a lot of the time it can be hard to get your head around all the information being thrown at you about each headset to the point that you might just buy one that looks nice and be done with it. T

o try and avoid this, I have compiled a few examples of what I would describe as the best gaming headsets, ideal for the modern gamer in various situations.


Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless

I was only tempted to try out some Steelseries headsets a lot more recently than other brands, and I have been blown away by the quality of their products, especially considering their price. The Arctis Pro are a cut above the rest, providing extremely high-end sound quality that rivals the greats in the traditional headphone market, and certainly, the overall best closed back headphones in the headset industry. Providing virtual 3D sound, excellent bass, and more than enough passive noise canceling to cut out outside annoyances, the quality put out by this set is unmatched. The detachable mic is also much higher quality than one would expect from a wireless headset making them viable to create high-quality content with them if you are so inclined. On top of this, the wireless functionality is not only a necessity these days but is absolutely exceptional in these ultra-low latency headphones. The absolute killer feature here though is the audio stand they come with, which has removable batteries that easily swap over meaning you are never without power for more than a few seconds!


Corsair HS60 Haptic

If you are willing to trade the utility of wireless for some other features, then you can’t go wrong with this corsair set. This shaves a good few dollars off for a start, but these are some powerful headphones in their own right. Their hefty bass is magnificent for video gaming by itself, but Corsair added a haptic feedback system that enhances the bass magnificently all around your skull. They also have some of the most powerful noise cancellation systems on the market, which is not always necessary for a gaming setup, but it can certainly help, especially in a populated home. They are magnificent for anyone who doesn’t mind a wire and surprisingly affordable for their sound quality and comfort.


Logitech Prodigy G332

If you are looking more on the budget side of things, Logitech is usually the way to go. They often sit on the high end of the budget, but they take a very function over form business model to its max. A lot of features are cut out but they leave out the extra fluff to focus on the most important aspects of a headset – sound. And the microphone and headphones are absolutely fine, especially for the price point. Outperforming many headphones at this price, they are a great choice for that gaming on a budget or for those who don’t consider their headset to be the most important aspect.


There are, of course, many other great headsets out on the market, and everyone has their own preferences and needs, but this is a good rundown on the most likely qualifiers for the modern gamer who doesn’t know how to choose in a sea of options.

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