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These 6 Tech Advancements are Changing the World of Medicine

The world of medicine is a complex and vital one. Without it, we would never have survived as a species. From the earliest medicine men using herbal remedies to alleviate suffering, right up to modern physicians using the complex and ground-breaking treatments to save lives daily. We are truly lucky to have such a strong medical presence in our society and so many wonderful people who dedicate their life to, not only carrying out the medical practice but doing the vital research and technological development necessary to combat the medical threats presented to us.

Our world is a digital one. Technology has ingrained itself into our daily lives in an unchangeable way. You cannot move for technology. And this growing change has affected the field of medicine as well. Thanks to smarter and more versatile tech we now have better medical care than we ever did. Below we are going to look at 6 Tech Advancements, from every tech field, that is changing the world of medicine for the better.


Fit Bit

This one might surprise you. It isn’t what you would consider ground-breaking medical equipment. But not every piece of tech that aides the medical world needs to be used in hospitals or clinics. The Fit Bit is the prime example of tech that helps the medical field by proxy. Since its advent, people have fallen in love with it. Some say it has turned exercise into a game that people love to play and can be directly linked to the vast increase in the number of people adopting more health-conscious lifestyles. Since the device can monitor vital information about a person and their activity, it lets them see, in-depth, how their body is and makes them much more aware of their health. This is great because more people become aware, the less they rely on medical services for help. This means the hospitals and clinics are freed up to deal with more serious cases.


Online Marketing

I know what you are thinking. Marketing? Isn’t that something used to benefit capitalism and sell products. And yes, it is. But that isn’t all it is used for. Thanks to the ever-improving technological landscape, marketing has become more efficient in spreading information. And the medical field has used this to great effect. By providing online information people are becoming more health-conscious and need to go to a clinic less. On top of that, it can be used by clinic owners to improve your clinic’s revenue. With smaller clinics getting more money, they can provide better health care.

Smart Inhalers

This new tech is aiding those with asthma in a massive way. A large problem with conventional inhalers is there is always a chance it won’t be properly administered, and the patient will still suffer. There is also the chance of a patient taking too much at once and running out quickly. A smart Inhaler records how often the patient is using the device and can also tell if it has been used correctly. This little extra aide goes a long way in improving the quality of life for those who suffer from asthma.

3-D Printing

You will have seen these all over the internet. Fascinating devices that have changed the world at large. And the medical field is no exception. For those who don’t know, 3-D printers work like a regular printer except they use materials to create a fully 3D product. How does this help the medical field? Simple. They can now print organs. While this tech is still in the early stages, the ability to print organs will sound millions of lives. No longer will people have to wait for someone to die to get a heart transplant, they can simply print one to order. The importance of this ability cannot be overstated.


Virtual Reality

When you think of VR, you think of video games before anything else. And there is a good reason for that. The gaming world relies on this idea of immersion and VR offers the ultimate immersion. But how can this help the medical world? Immersion therapy is already a thing, and VR can take this to the next level. Mental health is just as important as physical health and VR is changing the way Medical Professionals approach the subject.


Smart Phone

A simple, yet effective one. As smartphones become smarter, they can look after us in greater ways. The ability of a smartphone to track our habits and location is often considered shady. But there are several stories of people having their lives saved because of the devices. Once such instance is a person’s smartphone realised, they were having a stroke, paired with a fit bit, before the patient did. The phone alerted the authorities and an ambulance arrived before the person even started showing signs, saving his life.

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