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6 Hobbies Forever Changed By the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution has made an impact on every area of everyday life. One of the main aspects of life that have been unable to avoid the impact of our new digital lifestyles is the way that we practice hobbies. Everyone has a smartphone or some other sort of device which has a long line of applications that can be used to carry out your favorite hobbies. Hobbies simply are not the same as they once were, but whether or not that is for the best is a different question. Here is a list of 6 hobbies that have been changed forever by the digital revolution.



Shooting is one of America’s favorite pastimes. There is nothing better than going down to the range and having a go on whatever firearms they have in stock. However, with the dangers associated with using guns, people have become far more reluctant to take part in or teach their children the art of using firearms. Due to this fact, a lot of people have decided to take part in digital alternatives, such as shooting RPG games. There are millions of modes available when practicing shouting online and it is much safer. You can do it from the comfort of your own home as opposed to traveling to the woods or to a shooting range. However, shooting a gun online can’t really compare to the feeling of getting the real-life chance to try out the best Long Range Scopes in person.


Board games

Board games have been a family favorite in every household for years. I’m sure that if you’re from an older generation, you would have had a cupboard in your house packed with board games. These days people have managed to extend the board game experience past the confines of the household and have been choosing to play these games online as opposed to in person. Board games have gone completely digital and all of your favorite childhood board games can be found on most social media software. People favor this option due to the fact it allows you to play with friends that aren’t with you at the time and means that you don’t have to deal with the annoying cleanup. Some physical board games have also tried to run with the times and include digital features, the main example of this would be Monopoly including a bank card feature.



Another hobby that has been dominated by the digital sector is art. Art of course continues to flourish in physical form, but the digital age has undercovered a whole new generation of artists. Digital artists have been rising in numbers as the technology around us becomes more advanced and these artists are able to create some fantastic and innovative work. Not only has the digital revolution developed a new kind of artist, but it also allows those who draw by hand to improve elements of their work. If you are someone who uses your art hobby as a source of finance, you will be more than aware of how long it can take to create enough work to sell to your audience. However, thanks to the help of technology, artists have been able to scan and print their work easily, which makes it easier to distribute to fans.



If you are someone who travels regularly as a hobby, you will be more than aware of how technology has improved the quality of your travels. There have been millions of tech inventions that ease the process of traveling, such as software to book tickets or devices to translate the native language. Technology has made the process of traveling extremely easy and so has only improved the hobby over the years.



Arguably due to all of the available technology right now, the hobby of reading has slightly drifted into a thing of the past. However, those who love the art of reading have tried to follow trends and have made reading much easier for the modern consumer. Audiobooks have been one of the main innovations in terms of reading and have made it easier for people to read on the go or when completing other tasks. EBooks have also helped bring reading into the 21st century as it allows readers to read their favorite books on pocket-sized devices.



It is very rare that you will enter a home today and find a high shelf of CDs as music has gone almost entirely digital. There are hundreds of new apps that allow you to stream directly from your smart device through earphones or speakers. You can stream any song you want from a single device and don’t have to worry about losing, scratching or damaging any disks as they are all completely digital.

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