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Cloud Computing: Everything You Need to Know

The use of the cloud has become a very prevalent part of society as we know it. The cloud offers an endless list of online applications that replace the need to buy physical infrastructures and inbuilt software.

So, with it becoming such a popular part of our everyday working lives you should really know as much as you can about what it is and how it works, here is everything you need to know about cloud computing.

Cloud computing may sound complicated but it’s actually exceptionally straight forward. To define it as simply as possible, cloud computing just consists of accessing storage and applications online as opposed to on a physical hard drive. Saving you space and also making the data far more accessible.

Cloud computing is especially popular with businesses as with running any successful business you should expect to use a number of different softwares. This would usually take up a lot of room on devices and when saved to the hard drive can be quite limiting. The power of using the cloud is that any important data can be used from a number of devices.

This has helped modernise how businesses run as individual workers are now no longer isolated to the use of one device and can even work from home through applications such as remote desktops.

The use of the cloud means that companies don’t have to create their own network to house their data, as using the cloud is free on most parts. Obviously some online resources can cost money, but a good example of where you can really cut costs is by using Microsoft software on the cloud as you can access them for free.

A lot of people don’t realise how much they really use the cloud in their everyday lives. For people using phone devices, one of the big uses of the cloud is image storage. Often companies like Apple and Samsung will give you the option to place your data onto the cloud as smaller devices can start to slow when the storage is increasingly used up.

The same can be said about using desktop devices and this is why cloud computing has become as popular. The cloud has allowed a lot of computers to optimize and not slow as data is added to storage.

It also makes it a lot easier to manage your accounts as when it comes to the cloud you don’t have to download a lot of the software and applications, instead you are able to access them from a single source.

The cloud also really optimises the security of your data. These days there are a number of reliable companies that offer methods to password protect any data that you may be holding on the cloud. It also lessens the risk of losing any data.

If you produce work and save it to a hard drive you are advised to make a back up, which usually means using another tangible form of storage, which can be easily corrupted or broken. You don’t get this uncertainty when using the cloud as your data is securely saved onto something that can’t be physically affected. It is also far less strenuous and free to back up any data that you may store on the cloud.

The cloud has also provided a lot of accessibility to those whose computers don’t meet a lot of necessary credentials. For example, some people may not have the computing power to run software such as Word. The cloud offers a lot of similarly used alternatives, such as Google Docs, usually for free.

This means that thanks to the cloud, there isn’t the worry of being unable to complete any necessary work or produce important documents. This is popularly appealing to students who depend on the ability to use applications such as Word, but may not have the correct device to comfortably run it. This once again shows how powerful the cloud really is.

One misconception of using applications that are synced to the cloud is a continuous need to be connected to the Internet. This is not the case as it is understandable that people may not always have access to the Internet.

The majority of cloud software will allow you to freely use it and then simply sync up anything that you do offline straight to the cloud once you have a viable Internet connection. Once again, this just makes life a little easier as you don’t have to worry about where you use any applications and means you’re not restricted to having to use software at a desktop.

Something that people may not know is that a lot of streaming services use the cloud. Before the cloud became commonly used it was usually the case of having to download any shows or films that you wanted to watch. The cloud allows for download free use as well as live streaming, meaning that you can see every moment of action as it happens.

This is commonly used for TV streaming services, which once again gives you the freedom of not having to sit and watch your favourite show when it is first on television, it gives you the freedom to watch whenever you want and wherever you want.

The Most important thing of all to know is that the cloud is used everyday by anyone that uses any sort of technological device and has slowly managed to completely integrate itself into society, making any data interaction much more efficient along the way.

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