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The Smartest New Tech You Simply Have to Have

With so many ways to reinvent how we use technology being discovered in the past few years, more and more unique tech has been hitting the markets. With all the new tech that is available to purchase today, it can be difficult to decide which tech is worth buying.

According to stonefoot there is plenty of available exciting tech to fit any age range and need, here are a few that you just have to have.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is on the list of some of the most wanted tech on the market right now. Everybody is talking about it, not just gamers, for the way it has revolutionised the way we look at the world itself.  Virtual reality has allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in parts of the world we have never even been able to visit.

It’s something that everyone wants to try and if you have the opportunity to invest in any form of VR then you should definitely go for it. VR is available on two main platforms, PC and PS. These platforms have dozens of popular games that cater to the tastes of a number of people.

The way in which it follows your motion utilises controllers and places you in any world is just an example of how extremely intelligent the technology is.

Google Home Hub

This is one of the newer pieces of technology on the market right now and is the perfect new feature of any tech-savvy household. The google home hub is step up from any other google home devices as it includes both a screen and a camera.

This is because it allows you to voice and video call and friends or family that also use the hub, meaning that you can always stay connected with your loved ones, even when you are apart.

The Google Home Hub comes with all of the features of google technology that came before it, meaning you can still listen to your favourite music, hear the latest news and even order products online. This tech is also surprisingly inexpensive, meaning that you can afford to buy a few for your household.


The FitBit watch is another piece of tech that is used quite commonly these days. People of the 21st century have become far more preoccupied with being health conscious and so modern technology has begun to cater to that. The FitBit is the best fitness tool for any tech-savvy health nut, as it allows you to track your heart rate and calorie loss, through no work of your own.

You simply pop this handy device onto your wrist and start any exercise routine that you plan on doing. This is also great for anyone that plans on losing weight as the FitBit will store any necessary analytics that are important for you to be able to track your progress.

The FitBit also helps to track any other part of your schedule, like sleeping and water consumption. This data enables you to change any of your habits to ensure that you are living as healthy as possible, there is nothing better than tech that actively improves your life.


Drones are another bit of technology that have worked their way into everyday life. The price range for drone technology widely differs so there are plenty of options on the market for any price point. It is quite common in this day and age that you will find a drone in a regular household.

They can be used for a lot of fun and also practical reasons. For example, a lot of drones often come with cameras attached so that people can make videos or explore areas that are not easily accessible. Drones are also just incredibly fun to fly about, just that alone is an exciting activity. Drones can also be controlled by any smartphone, making them even more portable.


The Segway is one the most in-demand pieces of technology available on the market today. This handy little device is a fun method of transportation that it is not uncommon to see people using in local places like the high street.

This works like an electric scooter and allows you to move quickly down any road through lean technology, making transporting back and forth from any location much more fun. It’s just an exciting piece of tech to own at quite a reasonable cost, so you wouldn’t feel too guilty about investing in one.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Cryptomic Air Purifier

The Dyson hot and cool is a state of the art air purifier that makes living far more comfortable. It rids the air of any pollutants or dust that may cause sickness or affect allergies. It also just improves the quality of air in your house, which is great for anyone that works from home or just spends a lot of time at home as it is easy for the air indoors to get stuffy and uncomfortable.

This device also offers scent options, meaning that it not only clears the air in your home, but it works as an air freshener too. This is great for any tech lovers that love making parts of their daily lives far easier.

Any of these pieces of tech can be considered a must-have by any lover of technology and should definitely be looked into.

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