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The Streaming Battle: Can Apple-TV Really Compete with Netflix?

Streaming services have become an integral part of our daily viewing preferences with companies like Netflix and AppleTV becoming frontrunners when it comes to what is most popular within the industry. There is much discussion around which of the two streaming giants fulfills the viewing requirements of the majority to the highest standard, as streaming services must adhere to certain expectations in terms of content diversity and quality in order to provide a wide range of entertainment to suit various different people. Both Netflix and AppleTV provide a solid variety of viewing content so deciding which one is the best could be difficult.



With many years of streaming experience under their belt, Netflix has become one of the most widely used entertainment services worldwide, starting as a simple library of shows and movies Netflix has now grown into something much bigger by producing their own original content. The great thing about Netflix that really sets them apart from their competitors would have to be the fact that they cover so many bases in terms of the content they offer. There really is something for everyone to enjoy, and with recommendations based on your viewing history, the content you are likely to enjoy the most is easily accessible on your homepage.


Netflix has gained a loyal following over the years and this could be down to a number of factors firstly, the price of a monthly subscription is very affordable for a single membership that can be used by multiple viewers. The fact that Netflix offers a package subscription per household allows you to split the cost amongst multiple people making the monthly fee even cheaper. The affordable price point also reflects the inclusivity of the streaming service as it is so accessible for the masses, with such variation within the content that Netflix offers you are definitely getting value for money on hours and hours of entertainment.


Another great thing about Netflix is how easy it is to use, with so many households having access to smart devices like phones, tablets, and TVs which are all compatible with the Netflix viewing application. Simply install the app, sign in to your account and you’re ready to go, the app is generally free of technical issues and is organized in a way that is personalized to your previous preferences, so you can be sure there will be something interesting to watch at all times.


Although Netflix is arguably the most popular streaming service currently on the market, there are some factors that could be improved, for example, many regular users have stated that their favorite shows come and go from the library too often. With certain restrictions on which services have the rights to certain shows, Netflix is often forced to remove content from their library only for it to come back at a later date. Another common complaint against Netflix would have to be how it has a tendency to provide dated content rather than focussing on the newer releases, which could open up the opportunity for a newer streaming service to enter the market.



Although AppleTV is a pretty new addition to the entertainment world, we are already seeing comparisons being made between streaming giant Netflix and Apple’s new membership scheme. Many share the opinion that AppleTV could compete with Netflix particularly over the coming years when the service has had time to grow, currently, AppleTV has been criticized for offering a limited amount of content with the focus being primarily on the few high profiles shows they are streaming. The initial response to Apple’s streaming box which comes with quite a hefty price tag has been generally positive due to its multi-functionality. The box not only contains your AppleTV homepage where you can view all of your favorite shows but, it can also be used as a portable streaming device allowing you to cast content wherever you go.


One of the main factors which allow AppleTV to seriously compete against Netflix with such a small list of movies and TV shows is the fact that the content offered by Apple is exclusive to their subscribers. It is important to remember that this service is still in the early release stages so a smaller library of content is to be expected, with significant time to increase the amount of original entertainment content within their library AppleTV could become one of the most popular streaming services rivaling that of Netflix. If AppleTV can offer a varied library of content that can only be accessed through a membership, then people may be more inclined to go with the service that has the most unique shows as they are being offered something new.


Overall, the question of whether or not AppleTV can compete with Netflix comes down to one simple factor, time. How Apple chooses to develop its service over the next few years is what is going to truly decide which of the two streaming services is the best. In order to rival the large following Netflix has effectively Apple are going to have to retain focus on the fact they are offering purely original content, however, with Netflix now creating a wide range of “Netflix Originals”  as well as the varied library of movies and shows, it is going to take a lot to beat them and deter their worldwide following.

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